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About YT Channel Keywords Finder Tool

About YT Keywords Finder Tool

What Are YouTube Channel Keywords?

YouTube channel keywords are terms that give YouTube information and context about your channel. Specifically, they assist YouTube understand the sort of content you produce and who your audience is. Optimized Channel keywords also can increase the visibility of your channel on YouTube.

Why are Channel Keywords Important?

YouTube uses Channel Keywords, your Channel Description and therefore the sorts of videos you produce to work out your channel’s overall topic and category.

When you optimize your channel keywords the proper way, you'll boost the rankings of all the individual rankings on your channel.

In fact, a YouTube SEO ranking factors study discovered that channel keywords had a small-yet-significant correlation with higher YouTube search rankings:

Also, because channel keywords help YouTube understand what your channel is all about, they will help your channel rank for keywords that your audience searches for on YouTube:
Last but not least, YouTube uses channel keywords to make a decision which videos they ought to promote within the Suggested Video column. you'll have noticed that YouTube tends to recommend videos from related channels during this column:
This is no coincidence.

In addition to promoting related content to the video you’re watching, YouTube also suggests content from similar channels here.

That’s why you’ll sometimes notice YouTube suggesting a video from a related channel… albeit that video isn’t that closely associated with the one you’re watching: